Fund Raising/Community Sevcice

Smith’s Field Hockey team tries to raise some money while reaching out into the Community:


Love Your Body day:

Smith Field Hockey Team Sponsored  Love Your Day, on October 15th 2008.  This  is a National Day of Observation through the Love your Body Campaign.  Love your Body Day was started by the National Organization for Women ( NOW) and is devoted to encouraging women to have  a positive body image by not succumbing to negative stereotypes promoted by society and popular culture.  We choose to celebrate this day by inviting the Smith Community to love themself  just the way they are while  bringing awareness to the day by hosting an outside event whoch offered ways to love your body.  Local business came a provided care and education to the Snith community in the heart of campus.   Included participants were: The Body shop, A healing Place, Northampton Chiropractic and Wellness Center, Rachel Hannah Massage, Janet Hannah Certified Reflexologist, Underground Salon and Smith College Organizations on campus.

Fore more information on Love Your Body day:

See Pictures below of the Day!

To help Raise some Money for our Team we desinged a sold T-shirt to help spread the word to “Love Your Body”. If you are interesed in purchasing a T- shirt seen in above pictuiers, please email Jaime Ginsberg @


Kids Night Out:

Kids night our is a service Smith provides on Friday nights to parents and their children. Parents drop of their kids for three hrs and we  (Field Hockey Team) get the opportunity to play and utilize Smith College athletic facilities to their childhood best.  Here is some footage of a few team members playing knock out with a few kids Night out Participants.


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  1. phoebe Says:

    this is hilarious. and made me miss becky

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