End of year, Sports Banquet – We say goodbye to Trina Campbell

On Tuesday 4/28 Smith held our End of the year Sports Banquet. This Banquet honors all Smith athletes and their accomplishments and succesees. We also take the time to honor our seniors and wish them well.

Trina - Last Home Game

We are sad to say goodbye to #3 Trina Campbell. She is a strong leader and talented athlete that has contributed to this program for 4 years. Coming to us from California her laid back, plant loving- chill side is a joy to be around.  We will miss her not so laid back speed and aggressive play on the field. Trina was capable of receiving anything that came with in a few yards of her, always running to every ball and making it hers. Her drive was lighting quick and wicked powerful.

           Trina thank you for a great 4 years!   We will ALL miss you!!

Trina with her Mom and Dad this X-mass

Trina with her Mom and Dad this X-mass

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5 Comments on “End of year, Sports Banquet – We say goodbye to Trina Campbell”

  1. Mary Kate Says:


  2. Mary Kate Says:

    But I know you’re going to. So I love you and the team will miss you SO MUCH. Can’t believe I’m not there for your last weeks at Smith. 😦

  3. Trina Says:

    Aww, thanks guys! although, I would never say my drive is wicked anything. out on the west coast we say hella. please.

    • Becky Says:

      trina, i think you should just donate the geisha to the team. sometimes i’d call to you for the ball and instead of yelling trina i’d yell “geisha! over here.. i’m open…”
      it would be a hella gesture and great way to channel your power on the field.

  4. Lindsey Says:

    YEY! You’re graduating! Boo… you won’t play with us anymore… I’ll miss youuuuu!

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